Sound Mapping


How would music sound like if each note was considered as a coordinate?

In this quick design sprint, we were given the brief of creating a musical instrument with whichever Arduino sensor we liked. We were invited to think about all the possibilities at range considering that we should use simple existing technology, and the instrument should be able to play 8 notes.

We created a control-type design that works with an accelerometer and plays different notes according to the inclination and orientation of the device. The instrument is played by rotating and changing direction, as shown in the video.

Design team members: 

Mónica Arriaga, Carlos García Yerbes, Ana Corkidi, Denisse Salmerón

Mentor: José de la O

August 2018


Thought process and ideation

Sound mapping demonstration

IMG_5565 (1).JPG
IMG_5571 copia.jpg

Instrument prototype

A second demonstration of how it is used.

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