Kingdom Stools

Furniture Design

Can we make sitting on a stool a fun experience?

Design of a three stool set for kids between 5-8 years old inspired by the animal kingdom. It was designed to be cost-efficient for a medium-high socioeconomic level user. When sitting, it looks as if the kid had a tail of any given animal. The product is already part of the Hecho y Derecho brand patent and it is now on sale on the website.

Product design for Hecho y Derecho

Concept and Design: Mónica Arriaga

Mentor: Emiliano Godoy

February 2018

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-17 a las 6.5

Set of 3 stools



All pieces are ensembled easily with an ensemble system that gives the stools mechanic stability.

Captura de pantalla 2019-08-17 a las 6.5

Concept sketches

The two-week exercise proved to be challenging. In only two weeks the task was to find a potential user in a market segment and design a product directly targeted to them.

Trial and error. Sizing samples.


Context renderings.


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